Personal Landscapes

Monroe, Louisiana is where I was born and the home I returned to for every school holiday – and later, to complete a BFA in Photography.

My dad stayed in Monroe, building a life for himself, my stepmother, and my younger half-sisters. We visited for holidays and summers. Growing up with an off-again, on-again relationship to the area gave me an impression of the place cobbled together from stories I would tell my friends in Georgia about people that I knew, and things they had done or seen. Taken together, these stories created something of an imaginary tableau – a landscape filled with characters, my very own Yoknapatawpha County.

I returned to Monroe to live full-time in the area and attend Louisiana Tech in 2009. Realizing it was the first time I’d really lived there since childhood, I saw this series as a chance to get to know the characters in my stories as an adult, and tell those stories in a different way.

When the project began I had a few people in mind but I also searched for strangers, creating a documentation of personal environments, and the way that a person’s life story can affect their surroundings, especially in terms of the idea of a collection of objects. The question I asked was: do you know someone whose interests, hobbies, or vocation are visible in their environment? Can you see something of that person in their surroundings, in a way that is unmistakable?

Each landscape portrait is the result of several visits, talking and photographing, finding the right staging for the shot. There is always more that can be said, and I love the way the photographs both give details and suggest questions.

For exhibition the prints are sized at 40” X 15.5”.

ClientSelf-directed ProjectServicesPhotography, Large-Format PrintingYear2011